Helpful Links and Resources

Department of Health and Human Services Federal Guidelines for Basic Ethical Principles (Primary Resource for Information Related to Human Subject Research Protections):

HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS RELATED TO HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTIONS (For an Understanding of the Necessity for and Historical Development of Current Regulatory Standards Related to Human Subject Research):

FEDERAL GUIDELINES USED FOR PROTECTION OF HUMAN SUBJECTS: Code of Federal Regulations TITLE 45 PART 46 Subparts A-E. (TUC IRB Assesses Human Research Proposals Based on Regulations Outlined by This Document):


Human Subject Regulations Decision Charts Used for Determination of IRB Review Exemption Status:

Human Subject Research Categories Qualifying for Expedited Review:

NIH Online Training Course: Protecting Human Research Participants (Online Human Research Protections Training Module Recommended by the TUC IRB):

NIH Training Resource Archive (Further Resources Available for Training in Human Research Protections):



Last Updated: 6/17/15