Ted S. Wong, Ph.D, Chair-TUC IRB

Touro University-California Institutional Review Board (TUC IRB)

1310 Club Drive

Vallejo, CA 94592

Phone: 707-638-5236 Fax: 707-638-5255 ted.wong@tu.edu

*Must be included in all Consent Forms for research involving human subjects.


TUC IRB Membership (February 16, 2018):


Annette Aalborg, DrPH (Subcommittee Chair, CEHS-Public Health)

            e-mail: annette.aalborg@tu.edu


Sahai Burrowes, Ph.D (CEHS-Public Health)

            e-mail: sahai.burrowes@tu.edu


Julian Gallegos, PhDc, MS, RN, FNP-BC, CNL (School of Nursing)

            e-mail: julian.gallegos@tu.edu


Alejandro Gugliucci, M.D., Ph.D (Associate Dean for Research and TUC IRB Institutional Official)

            e-mail: alejandro.gugliucci@tu.edu


Louise Santiago, Ph.D (Subcommittee Chair, CEHS-Graduate School of Education)

            e-mail: louise.santiago@tu.edu


Athena Lin, Ph.D (COM-Basic Science)

            e-mail: athena.lin@tu.edu


Ingrid Lopes, DO (Subcommittee Chair, College of Pharmacy)

            e-mail: ingrid.lopes@tu.edu


Ann Stoltz, PhD, RN, CNL (Subcommittee Chair, School of Nursing)

            e-mail: ann.stoltz@tu.edu


Ted Wong, Ph.D (COM; IRB Chair) (Subcommittee Chair, College of Osteopathic Medicine)

            e-mail: ted.wong@tu.edu


Jill R. Cook, RN, BSN, PHN (Non-Affiliated Member)

            e-mail: jrcook@solanocounty.com


Robynn Battle, Ed.D, MPH (Non-Affiliated Member)

            e-mail: robynn.battle@ucsf.edu


Community/Non-Scientific Member (TBD)