Policies and Regulations

This site is to assist you in housing the various policies and regulations required under University and Federal agencies for proper compliance.

Touro University California is the legal applicant for grants and contracts.Sponsored awards are made to the Institution, not to the faculty or staff member recognized by the sponsor. This individual is typically referred to as the Principal Investigator (PI) or Project Director (PD).

To ensure compliance with University policies and state, federal and agency regulations, university administrative officers must review and approve applications for external funds prior to submission to prospective sponsors. OSP fulfills this review through the initiation and routing of the Pre-Approval form (PAF).

OSP oversees various aspects of the regulations, certifications, and compliances listed on this page. Faculty, staff and students who intend to submit applications for external funding should also be aware of and comply with all federal and university regulations, as reflected in the following university policies: Research Integrity, Conflict of Interest, Research Compliance, Drug-Free Workplace, and Lobbying as well as other University policies.

OSP Policies and Guidelines

Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Cost Recovery Guideline This guideline is established regarding the recovery of Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs, including exceptions to the general guidelines and procedures for requesting a waiver to these guidelines.

Submitting Proposals for Extramural Funding (updated 08/12/12)
This procedure is written to outline the submission process for requesting extramural funding at Touro University.

Charging Costs to a Sponsored Project Prior to Award Acceptance (updated 12/14/12)
This outlines OSP's requirements for obtaining a grant account number before the sponsored project award process is completed and for incurring costs on a grant account outside of the official project start and end dates.

Project Change Procedures on Federally Funded Awards (updated 08/14/12)
No Cost Extension Request Template (updated 08/14/12)
No Cost Request for Action form (updated 08/12/12)

University Compliance and Policies

Conflict of Interest

Statement from Touro University California COI Policies clarifying the limits on certain activities and arrangements which have the potential for, appearance of, or actual involvement in a conflict of interest and ensuring such situations are adequately reviewed and managed.

Drug Free Workplace

OSP completes certifications regarding Drug-Free Workplace on applications to various federal agencies.

Research Compliance

The Office of Sponsored Programs maintains links to the Institutional Review Board, Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee, and Institutional Biosafety Committee. OSP maintains liaison with the University committees overseeing compliance with federal guidelines regarding research on humans, research on animals, and research using biohazards.

Research Integrity

“Faculty members are expected to act at all times in a manner befitting members of the teaching profession. Faculty members are expected to maintain and exhibit the highest level of integrity in all of their behaviors. They should conduct themselves with respect for others and should serve as models of the teaching profession to their students and their community.” (From Touro University California Academic Handbook).


Virtually all federal grants and cooperative agreements incorporate terms and conditions modeled on
·  OMB Circular A-110 for administrative requirements, and
·  OMB Circular A-21 for rules governing allowable costs.

Most agencies also have specific grant requirements. Some examples are:

NIH Grants Policy Statement
HHS Grants Policy Statement (for non-NIH DHHS agencies)
NSF Grant Award Terms (GC-1) and Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide
NASA Grant and Cooperative Agreement Handbook
Dept. of Education EDGAR
Federal Acquisition Regulations (for Contracts)

Policies and Regulation Documents

Cost Accounting Standard Guidelines (CAS)
Clinical Trial Registration Information
F&A Cost Recovery Guidelines
Federal Regulation List of Websites
Procedures to Implement a No Cost Extension Request
Procedures for Submitting Proposals at TUC
Project Change Procedures for a Federally Funded Award
Proposal Approval Requirements and Procedures
Responsible Conduct of Research on Federal Awards
Subcontract Monitoring Policy
Touro FCOI Policy
Touro Expense Policy
Cash Advance for Travel Policy - updated 4/16/13
Touro Nepotism Policy
TUC IDC Distribution Policy
Clinical Trial Policy

Compliance Websites

Biosafety and Waste Management

Biological Safety is the area of Environmental Safety that is concerned with preventing occupationally acquired infections. This web site contains information on the following topics: Recombinant DNA, Infectious Agents, Biological Safety Cabinets, Bloodborne Pathogens, Management of Hazardous and Medical Wastes.

Touro University California IRB

The IRB reviews all research proposed involving human subjects, including use of data and tissues. The Board has as its mission ensuring that such research fulfills these primary criteria...