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Touro University California Research

Touro University has a strong, comprehensive research program on campus, with external collaborations, in medicine, education, public health and pharmacy.  

Funded by multiple NIH R01 grants our bench research encompasses all the gamut of current biomedical research, ranging from drug development for HIV, cancer vaccine development, human metabolism, lipid disorders and atherosclerosis, aging, inflammation, neurological and chronic diseases among many other projects. Our main focus is on translational research and chronic diseases.

RD Student Research Travel TMRU

We have a student body whose drive and willingness has served the research effort so well in the past and will surely continue. We have solid partnerships, both at the local academic level (U.C.S.F., Buck Institute, U.C. Berkeley, U.C. Davis, etc.), with industry and at the international academic level (Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Showa University, Tokyo Medical Center, Japan, etc.).

Visit each one of our programs for further details.