IBC Meeting Agenda & Minutes

IBC meeting dates are being updated. IBC usually meets on the third Thursday of each month (subject to change). If you are interested in attending IBC meeting, please contact IBC Chair. The meetings are open to public unless confidential information is discussed. Deadlines for IBC protocol submission is 14 business days before the meeting.

Meeting Dates

Meetings will be held as needed basis. Next meeting dates are:

12/13/2017 (completed)

2/21/2018 (completed)

3/21/2018 (completed)

4/23/2018 (completed)

5/17/2018 (completed)

8/16/2018 (TBD)

Past Agenda and Minutes

IBC Meeting Agenda and Minutes 2013-2018; IBC Meeting Agenda and Minutes 2012; IBC Meeting Agenda and Minutes 2011; IBC Meeting Agenda and Minutes 2010


IBC appreciates past members. They serve as a reviewer pool.

Tamira Elul, Ph.D. (COM) (2010-2011)
Daniel Keppler, Ph.D. (COP)
Nathalie Garcia-Russell, Ph.D. (COM) (2010-2013)
Miriam Gochin, Ph.D. (COM)
lipper Young, Pharm.D. (COM)
Dene Lofland, Ph.D. (COM)

David Madden, Ph.D. (COP)