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Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine (TUCOM) is the founding college of a rapidly growing 44 acre campus in Vallejo, Touro University California.  It encompasses the colleges of Osteopathic Medicine, Pharmacy and the College of Education and Health Sciences (Physician Assistant, Public Health and Nursing programs) and has a faculty body that embraces interdisciplinary collaboration in education and research. Established in 1999, the campus is now, with our Nevada branch, part of the Western Division of Touro College and University System that includes 5 medical schools. Currently the campus has six major buildings that have been renovated, and many other buildings are available for future renovation to expand our educational and research mission.

Over the past decade, TUCOM faculty members have been able to secure significant funding from the NIH (R01, R21, R15 and R03 grants, NIDDK, NHLBI, NIAID, NCI), NSF, AACOM and from research foundations: American Diabetes Association, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Mark Benioff.

The main axes of research at TUCOM are nucleated around state of the art core laboratories:

  • Stable isotopes: nutrition and metabolic research in humans
  • NMR and drug design
  • Lipidology

To learn more about the many other research projects at TUCOM,  including  skeletal
muscle design and performance, aging, diabetes, clinical trials, OMM, medical education, development, immunology, biophysics etc, visit each one of our faculty pages further details.

TUCOM has the potential to become a hub for clinical research in human metabolism.

TUCOM is centrally located among several major academic research institutions (Universities of California in San Francisco, Davis, and Berkeley; Children’s Hospital of Oakland Research Institute (UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland), Buck Institute and Stanford. Our location and potential for growth has offered us the opportunity to create successful collaborative research projects with these Institutions.

To support, stimulate and extend the capabilities of our successful translational metabolic research, TUC leadership has built a a translational research unit that opened January 2016. This translational research unit will not only provide a unique opportunity to consolidate and expand our existing collaborations with the aforementioned Bay Area institutions, but has the potential to catalyze the formation of a Bay Area or Northern California metabolic translational research group and further foster collaborations as well. Initially, this new unit is suited for outpatient and inpatient clinical research studies. The association of an  existing stable isotope mass spectrometry core, a clinical research core, and a lipid/lipoprotein core  with the clinic will create a new and attractive facility for translational and Public Health investigators across the Bay Area.

The principal focus areas for the proposed facility are based on interdisciplinary approaches to metabolism, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes and Public Health. The latter discipline is a unifying theme for all TUC programs.  We believe that our unique location, support from the surrounding community and institutions, and mission of serving society will allow us to extend the traditional view of translational research (bench to bedside) to the community.


 Figure 1: Touro University California is centrally located on Mare Island approximately within 40 miles from UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCSF, CHORI, Buck Institute, Gladstone and Stanford.