Touro University California Research

Touro University has made a financial and political commitment to ensure a strong comprehensive research program on campus and with external collaborations with a strong interdisciplinary approach and a focus on translational research and chronic diseases.

Funded by multiple NIH grants our research encompasses all the gamut of current biomedical research, ranging from drug development for HIV, cancer vaccine development, human metabolism, lipid disorders and atherosclerosis, aging, inflammation, neurological and chronic diseases among many other projects.

A fully equipped stable isotope metabolomic GC-MS laboratory with 3 gas chromatographs-mass spectrometers, a quadripole LC MS/MS, 2 HPLC machines, NMR laboratory PCR thermocycler, Real Time PCR thermocycler, 2 cell culture labs are among the many laboratories functioning on campus purchased. An NMR laboratory has been our latest addition to the growing infrastructure. Our faculty is funded by NIH R01, R21 and R03 grants as well as grants from the American Diabetes Association, Gates foundation and others by our intramural program. Start-up packages are also provided to seasoned newly hired faculty. 

Our researchers also work in an electrophysiology patch clamp lab, an electrophysiology single-cell recording lab, a biochemistry/cell culture lab with a lipidology-ultracentrifuge unit, animal facility (mice, rats and frogs), common equipment rooms, fluorescence microscopy unit with digital imaging equipment, Aperio system for digitizing slides, surgery and dark room. We are blessed to have a student body whose drive and willingness has served the research effort so well in the past and will surely continue. We are working also in strengthening our partnerships and developing new ones, both at the local academic level (U.C.S.F., Buck Institute, U.C. Berkeley, S.F. State University and many others), with the industry and at the international academic level (Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Showa University, Tokyo Medical Center, Japan).

Last Updated: 6/17/15